World Maritime Day 2021

World Maritime Day 2021

World Maritime Day 2021 Option B


Dear Maritime Colleagues,

Today is World Maritime Day, marked worldwide with iconic maritime buildings, bridges, ships, museums, and ports bathed in blue light as a symbolic gesture of unity in the maritime community and to raise awareness of the vital work that shipping provides to the world economy.

At the heart of shipping are people like you, the men and women who operate the world fleet whose dedication and tenacity have kept world supply chains open in the face of unprecedented challenges brought about by the pandemic.

In recognition of this, the IMO has decided that the theme this year is: “Seafarers: at the core of shipping’s future.”

At Thome, we have always valued our seafaring workforce and demonstrated this by implementing campaigns and programs to support you and your families, especially during this pandemic.

The company has also ensured that your physical and mental health is looked after by partnering with ISWAN and CIRM (telemedical services) and during the height of the pandemic, we implemented a 24/7 free and confidential helpline service with ISWAN handled by specially trained counselors to support you and your families. We also allowed free onboard Wi-fi so you could keep in touch with your loved ones and introduced Fridate (Friday Date) to regularly communicate with quarantined seafarers who were waiting for their deployment schedules.

Your safety while onboard is crucial to us too, and we all live by the mantra, which is “Safety starts with me.’  This is one of the reasons that we implemented the safety coach program where experienced seafarers have been onboard to share their knowledge and advice built up over many years of seafaring with the younger generation.

Equally, our millennials can pass on their knowledge of new technology to their older seafaring colleagues, and, at Thome, we encourage this sharing of knowledge and past experiences for the benefit of all.

You have shown that challenges were overcome by working together as a team, and you have become stronger as a result.

So, the Thome Group thanks you, our seafarers, on World Maritime Day for all your efforts and enduring incredible hardships to keep the world economy open for business. You will always be at the core of shipping’s future!



Olav Nortun
Thome Group CEO