Virtual Self Service Portal for Seafarers

Virtual Self Service Portal for Seafarers

Virtual Self Service Portal For Seafarers

By Amit Kumar, Senior Project Manager, Strategic Marine HR

Today, we live in a hyper-connected, high-speed world. From digital cash to real-world, virtual existence, technology plays a vital part. Self-service is no longer a luxury but has become an expected part of our daily routines. We want answers now, not tomorrow. We want the power and freedom to do things as and when we want.

Seafarers are at the core of Thome’s business strategy. To give them the power and freedom to access their information, as and when they want, we have partnered with Netvision (COMPAS) to introduce a “Crew Self Service (CSS)” portal for our seafarers. Using the COMPAS CSS, seafarers can now access their own personal employee information, including movements, documents, training, and certification, intended joining vessels information, contracts, payslips, and more. They can also update their availability records anytime for better planning of their next contract.

Seafarers can receive company notifications and updates directly on their phones or a computer and read them at their leisure. COMPAS CSS is easy to use and can be accessed from any device (ideally a desktop/laptop) and on any browser provided an internet connection is available.

There cannot be a better time to introduce a self-service portal than during this present pandemic situation, where the imposed restraints and need for physical distancing have made it very challenging to meet face-to-face and share information. With a CSS portal, seafarers can always feel connected with the company via a continuous and timely flow of all the latest information regarding their careers.

They can proactively take charge of their own data and keep their records up to date to increase the chances for a timely assignment.

Our plan is to introduce this service to all seafarers from different locations in a phased manner. Thome is truly committed to providing world-class services to our seafarers and the introduction of the CSS portal is a step forward in that direction.