Thome Staff Share Holiday Memories and Wishes for 2022

Thome Staff Share Holiday Memories and Wishes for 2022

Thome Staff Share Holiday Memories And Wishes For 2022

By TGN Editorial Team

We all have fond memories of holidays – and we can all agree that spending it with the people you love is the most ideal. The pandemic has affected the way we celebrate our holidays due to lockdowns and curfews, but the holiday spirit will always remain present.

We asked our Thome Group colleagues and seafarers about their memorable holiday experiences and the following is what they shared:

If we were not in the middle of the pandemic, how would you like to spend your holidays?

Evelyn Agustin-Carbonel, Senior Accountant: “I would like to spend my holiday season with my family. By now, I should already have had my plane ticket going back home (The Philippines). I miss my baby and my family. It will also be my first time spending the holiday season with my baby if the only situation allows.”

Juliyawati Bte Alatdin, HSSEQ Compliance Officer: “I love beaches. No complaints on getting the correct dose of vitamin D on a sunny day accompanied by the sound of waves hitting the shore and gush of wind. It calms me. Looking afar across the entire sea gives me some tranquility, away from the fast-paced life.

Mary Joy Ronquillo Aduana, Logistics Executive: “If we were not amid a pandemic, I’d like to spend my holidays celebrating and being meaningful just like the old times when there were no restrictions on gatherings, and I could freely interact with my loved ones. With a face mask and a face shield off, an inch or two distance to chat, and liberty for a tight warm hug.”

Brenda Loke Wan Li, HR Assistant: “Catching up with friends and families whom I have not seen for a long time. Also, to go overseas to enjoy, probably somewhere which has snow that Singapore doesn’t have.”

Toderas Marcel, Chief Officer, “If we were not in the middle of the pandemic, how would you like to spend the holidays? I believe the best way to spend the Christmas Holiday is at home, surrounded by your closest loved ones. The pandemic we face will not be an issue as I don’t believe that Christmas should be spent on the road.”

What was the most memorable holiday celebration you had and why?

Ozgun Yurdakul, Master: “The most memorable holiday for me was my Honeymoon which I spent in one of the most expensive hotels in the world. It was magical with excellent quality food and service with a scenic view.”

Altair Eude Maglinte, Cadet: “My last Christmas (2020) was the most memorable for me. It was my first Christmas on board, and I somehow expected that I’d feel frustrated for not spending it with my family. But it turned out to be amazing since I spent it with cheerful people who livened up a Christmas atmosphere and made me feel at home.”

Rona Bones, Financial Reporting Accountant: “The most memorable holiday for me was the 2019 Thome Christmas party. After work, we all were excited to go to the party. We were wearing our 80’s outfits, putting on some makeup, and enjoying the music, games, dancing, and raffles. We are close together, and no need for social distancing. You could see happy faces in my FR family. I
never expected that holidays and other gatherings would have changed so much due to the pandemic.”

Mary Joy: “The most memorable holiday I had was always the time when our family was together and complete. It was the time when kids were allowed to play outside, having fun, and our home was surrounded with laughter.”

Name three things or goals that you look forward to in 2022

Nina Karen Guiritan, Marine Payroll Analyst: “The pandemic has taken so many things from us like career advancement, meaningful time with family and friends, and the ability to travel. I think I will focus more on these things – having significant growth in my career, dedicating sufficient time with my family and friends, and visiting those places we have long dreamed and planned to visit.”

Brenda: “I hope that the situation of the pandemic improves, and for those that are stuck in certain countries, hopefully, they can travel back to their home country to meet their loved ones.
My goal is that I hope I can find time to improve myself, be less stressed, and move forward regardless of the situation.”

Toderas: “I hope all the people in the world will recognize the need to get vaccinated and to do it faster to end the COVID-19 pandemic in 2022. I wish all my closest ones will be healthy and safe from all the threats we are facing today in the world. I look forward to every single day that 2022 will bring as every day is a new opportunity to become better than you were the day before.

Juliyawati: “Moving forward, I am looking forward to the world healing. The world has gone through so much these past years. I hope we can live our lives like how we used to. Go out freely without any fear and hope we can travel and explore other countries.”