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People Development at Thome

• People Development at Thome


By Sunil Parashar, Senior L&D Manager

People are the backbone of any organization and ensuring that the people are developed keeps this backbone strong. At Thome, we are committed to keeping our staff, regardless at sea or at the shore, equipped with the right skills so they can perform their roles effectively.

With the current global scenario and the fast evolution of technology, our focus is on harnessing technological advancements to ensure continual staff development. We have been effectively using digital/online resources for providing the training and reviewing our infrastructure so that employee progress and further requirements are easily monitored with the use of online learning management systems. For hands-on training on technical topics for our sea staff, which has been affected majorly by the pandemic, we are developing Virtual Reality (VR)resources that can provide training opportunities without the need to travel to specialized training centers. The VR offers easy availability and provides a high degree of versatility to modify the training to various requirements.

We have initiated webinar series as a platform to share information from the subject experts within the organization. The webinar topics are focused on operational areas and serve as a promising avenue for refreshing knowledge or clarifying any practical issues.

From time to time, external parties join the event to share knowledge on specific topics.

Along with providing developing opportunities, we are also considering self-learning resources. These resources will allow the staff to keep their skills viable and identify opportunities for upskilling. In the longer term, these contribute to keeping the organization as a frontrunner in the industry.

This is a continuous journey in line with our vision of Excellence and we are committed to staying on track at a steady pace.