Introducing Thome’s Corporate Communications and Marketing Department

Introducing Thome’s Corporate Communications and Marketing Department

Introducing Thome’s Corporate Communications And Marketing Department

By Anna Marie G. Soliman, Corp Comms, and Marketing Manager

Corporate communications and marketing refer to the methods organizations use to plan, develop, and implement all the marketing strategies, marketing communications, and public relations activities, both external and internal.

It is critical in business organizations to have an effective corporate communication as this is where customers and stakeholders , both internal and external, learn about the company’s services, messages, and what makes it stand out compared to the competitors. Through effective communication, you can convey your company’s message to the general public and where you inform your target market about significant developments in your company.

Thome Group Corporate Communications and Marketing Team serves multiple functions and manages a wide array of channels and platforms within the Group, such as PR and Media, Advertising, Social Media, Branding, Events and Conferences Management, and other communications-related initiatives.

The team manages Public Relations and media with our PR partner Elaborate, a reputable PR firm based in London. The team also stands as editors of the TGN publications, responsible for the quarterly development of Thome’s primary publication.

We also develop and manage the advertising and creative materials for Thome Group, both traditional and digital, in the various ship management publications and media.

The Corp Comm Team is also the guardians of the Thome Brand – making sure that all communication materials align to the existing brand policies of Thome Group, and all materials maintain the same look and feel for both communications developed internally and externally. We also support Senior Management and the other departments in developing, releasing communications to the general public, staff via PR releases, social media, and other campaigns.

Reporting to the Thome Group Executive Vice Chairman Claes Eek Thorstensen, the Team comprises four dynamic and experienced Communications and Marketing individuals who have been in the Marketing Industry collectively for more than 25 years, including two (2) certified digital marketing strategists. The Team is responsible for successfully managing Thome’s digital platforms, including social media, launching several websites under Thome Group, supporting the Group’s events and conferences, and assisting in submitting and writing Awards entries, many of which Thome has won. We thank the support of Management and employees for providing effective and relevant content in all our communication materials.