How Thome Manage to Minimise its Environmental Impact

How Thome Manage to Minimise its Environmental Impact

How Thome Manages Minimizing its Environmental Impact


By Bindu Shekhar Jha, Head of Compliance

Environmental Management involves several stakeholders with a multidisciplinary approach and multi-dimensional application to ensure environmental preservation of the land, seas, and air.

Thome adopts a zero-tolerance approach to any non-compliance or violation of MARPOL regulations and environmental procedures and the company ensures that all waste generated onboard is managed in accordance with MARPOL.

Garbage Management:

TSM procedures (TGP1.3.2A1), Posters 015A and 015B, effectively guide ship staff on its collection, segregation, disposals, and recording in GRB.

Sludge Management:

Sludge and waste oil are generated daily by purifiers, other engine room waste streams, other activities & operational leaks. Such are collected/transferred to IOPP 3.1 listed Tanks and then evaporated, incinerated, or landed ashore (by ships pump & piping).

Bilge water management:

Another vital aspect of daily waste generation on ships is bilge water generated from various condensations, leaks, and a part of daily operation. Such collections are transferred to IOPP listed 3.3 Tanks and will either evaporate and/or be discharged at sea according to environmental procedures TGP 1.3.5 & MARPOL Annex-1 Reg 15 by class-approved 15ppm oily water separator and OCM (Oil content Meter). The Bilgewater is also managed by landing to port reception facility (by ships pump & piping).

Black Water- Grey water and Treated Sewage Management:

Ships are equipped with an IMO-approved Sewage Treatment plant (IMO MEPC 159/55) for treating sewage (Black water) before discharging. Raw sewage discharge follows Annex-IV Reg 11 with an approved discharge rate. Company environmental procedures recommend class-approved designated holding tanks for storing grey water/ Treated sewage/ Raw sewage in port. The grey water generation in port should be minimized, and the treated effluent tested periodically and recorded.

Environmental Management by Seal Tagging & Portable Pump Management:

The company’s environmental management system requires various piping, manholes, valves and unions to be seal tagged for ensuring controlled & authorized access to the same and preventing any unauthorized usages. The NAU seal log program logs all seal activities onboard.

Plastic Reduction:

An initiative for minimizing plastic wastes has been taken to install water dispensers and purifiers on board to reduce/ eliminate plastic bottles. Every crew is being provided with Thome water bottles. This aims to reduce CO2 footprints by 2,355 kg per vessel per year by reducing 11,777 1.5L plastic water bottles per vessel per year.