Embracing New Opportunities in Learning and Development

Embracing New Opportunities in Learning and Development

Embracing New Opportunities In Learning And Development

By Sunil Parashar, Senior Learning and Development Manager

Contrary to all our hopes of coming out of pandemic restrictions after 2020, the year 2021 turned out to be a repeat with waves of positive cases increasing and also a series of lockdowns or
restrictions. But as they say – “the show must go on” and there was no abating in the delivery of training for our sea staff.

In 2021, the number of courses (subject areas) was increased from 10 to 40 different types of courses. We have also introduced new courses for meeting the requirements within the fleet. The new topics covered were exhaust gas scrubbers and ballast water treatment systems, to name a few. This year, we also increased the number of courses being delivered from each of our regions, as compared to previous years when most courses were being delivered from Manila.

This has increased our capacity for the number of training classes being delivered and provided more options for the crew in the different types of courses available. The crew now have the option of attending training hosted from any one of our regions regardless of where they are based, provided they can match the timings. By the end of Q3 2021, more than 7,800 crew members had attended training and almost 1,000 class sessions were delivered for the sea staff.

2021 has also seen increased engagement with our training partners in India and Europe. Our training partners support the delivery of training sessions as per Thome’s requirements, to extend our capacity in the region. Extending our foray into digital delivery of L&D activities, we initiated the Thome Webinar series to set up webinar sessions for our sea staff to attend based on their interests.

Infrastructure-wise there have been 2 major developments. First was the formal launch of a “Full Mission (320 Deg) Navigation Simulator” at our training center in Manila, Philippines, in Q1 2021. This simulator increases our overall capability to deliver high-quality simulator-based training courses. The second development was in Q3 with the rebranding of our training center in Manila from a Thome Maritime Training center to the Thome Maritime Academy, Inc. (TMA) which is now an independent company under the Thome Group. This opens our doors for offering high-quality training options to the Maritime market in the Philippines, which was earlier restricted to our Ship management customers only.

2022, we hope will be the year when more normal global activities can be resumed, including the opening of borders and commencement of the new normal lifestyle. Our journey of digital delivery of L&D activities will continue with our catalogue offering of blended learning (online delivery) courses along with the standard physical delivery of courses. We have already started the development of establishing more digital options leveraging on technologies like virtual reality which will be delivered in the coming year. With the TMA setup settling in, we are planning to provide specialized courses with international accreditation to meet the gaps in the market for maritime training and put forward TMA as a center of choice for high-quality specialist training courses.