Safety Coach

Company: Thome India Pvt Ltd

Location: Delhi, India



  • Promotion and understanding of safety requirements, systems and procedures among the ship personnel.
  • Identify hazardous conditions and hazardous work practices and explain to the crew why it is important for them. Work with them on how to eliminate these factors together with the crew and reduce the risk acceptance level. Promote “Safety is for me” culture.
  • Identify main areas of concern onboard and contribute to find a constructive solution to improve HSE performance.
  • Contribute to increasing personnel awareness of risks so that they can make their own risk assessment before as well as during the performance of work.
  • Assist crew in finding safe solutions in the daily work routines.
  • Contribute to safety work by following up and stimulating use of the Management System.
  • Attend safety meetings and toolbox meetings of attendance ship
  • Fully support the company in the continued operation of HSE-related campaigns, encouraging active participation among all personnel onboard.
  • Participate in Risk Assessments both onboard and ashore.
  • Continue to further develop and maintain a ‘HSE Culture’ onboard.
  • Monitor the Bridge team / Engine team during critical stages of navigation and see how they function in terms of Teamwork, communication Stress management, challenge, and response.
  • Monitor and analysis safe mooring operations.
  • Environmental awareness to be analyzed and conduct Marpol training as defined in our procedures
  • Ensure use of PPE is adequate and coach the crew on workspace assessment
  • Discuss collision regulation with the bridge team
  • Promote Thome Safety and environmental culture
  • Promote unsafe work stop culture
  • Near Miss reporting culture
  • Facilitate implementation of Thome core values
  • Assist inshore in-house trainings as required by L&D
  • Assist in India region conferences, workshops, and special sessions
  • Conduct Ship’s Internal Audit & Environmental Compliance Audit as required.
  • Conduct and Assist in Incident investigation under instruction from Head of Marine & Safety.

Education and Qualification

  • Class 1 COC (Masters / Engineer)
  • Highly motivated, structured and quality driven individual who in parallel possesses strong initiative, excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Self-starter with strong planning skills to be able to work remotely.
  • Demonstrates Team Collaboration and Team Spirit
  • Good command in English – oral and written skills
  • Computer literate with ability to use MS office softwares.

For applicants, please send your CV to this email: