Project Manager

Position: Project Manager

Company: Thome Ship Management

Location: Thome, India



Shipyard Repairs & Dry-docking Support

  • Maintain updated list of Thome Standard Docking jobs for all classes of vessels, concurrent with Class and Flag Requirements.
  • Assist Vessel Managers to finalise ship specific Docking Specifications.
  • Monitor docking planning of vessels in the fleet and liaise with respective Vessel Manager to ensure docking and associated repairs are carried out within the relevant window.
  • Liaise with shipyards to ensure availability of repair slots.
  • Assist the Vessel Manager with yard bids comparison and yard selection.
  • Assist Vessel Manager or attend vessels during the dry-dock repair period, as required.
  • Provide Quarterly Analysis Report on Yard Performance based on set KPI’s.

Planned Maintenance Systems

  • Monitor functionality of the Planned Maintenance Systems for fleet vessels and provide solutions for the resolution of any issues and correction and improvement of database.
  • Liaise with Vessel Managers and ship staff to ensure that the Planned Maintenance System program on each vessel is optimally utilized.
  • Assist with the implementation of the Planned Maintenance Systems for new tonnage inducted into the Fleet.
  • Ensure that the Planned Maintenance Systems are updated with new jobs as per the latest requirements from Classification Societies, Flag State Administrations, Industry requirements, and sharing of best practices and experiences on the fleet.
  • Provide PMS familiarisation and training to ship staff visiting the Office.
  • Provide Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly Reports and Statistics on the status of the Planned Maintenance Systems across the Fleet to Management

Vessel Performance Monitoring Systems


  • Monitor functioning of the Performance Monitoring Systems for fleet vessels. Facilitate regular and easy monitoring of speed and consumption performance of fleet vessels.
  • Liaise with Vessel Managers and ship staff to ensure that the Performance Monitoring System on each vessel is optimally utilized and to resolve any concerns.
  • Facilitate comparative study of performance across the Fleet, using Performance Monitoring System.
  • Enhancement of system to enable reporting and managing of newer performance aspects as new requirements are identified, and new regulations come into force.
  • Identify scope to optimize energy management in the Fleet, and recommend solutions.
  • Assist with the implementation of the Performance Monitoring System and SEEMP for new tonnage inducted into the Fleet.
  • Assist the Vessel Manager for the monitoring of the EEOI on each ship.

 Technical Procedures & Knowledge Sharing

  • Sharing learning on technical issues, as gained from operational experience within the fleet and knowledge from industry best practices & new regulatory requirements; with vessels and Technical Departments.
  • Review & revise technical procedures for simplification and updating with latest experience and knowledge.
  • Formulate technical alerts & circulars and contribute to periodic presentation sessions, for knowledge sharing.
  • Audits of Technical Departments to ensure compliance to standards (provisions under HSSEQ, TMSA & Rightship).
  • Identify deficiencies & scopes for improvement in compliance, and recommend measures for improvement.

Technical Support

  • To extend support to technical departments in following areas, based on requirements: Troubleshooting

Education and Qualification

  • Degree / Diploma in Engineering with 10 years of experience in Marine industry.
  • Marine Engineering Background with experience in one or more of following areas:
  • Sailing experience as a Senior Engineer on Merchant Vessels
  • Experience as Vessel Manager or Technical Superintendent
  • Shipyard experience as Repair / Project Manager
  • Experience as Classification Society Surveyor

For applicants, please send your CV to this email: